Annual Report and Accounts 2014


Business Model

DCC Business Model

Our business model is highly cash generative and offers significant growth potential with high levels of profitability and shareholder returns on capital employed significantly ahead of its cost of capital.

What’s Important to Us


in everything we do


ethics, honesty and responsibility

Business partnerships

create and maintain stakeholder relationships

Entrepreneurial spirit

continue to be agile and innovative

How we win

Experienced management teams with deep industry knowledge

Strong supplier and customer relationships

Continual focus on cash generation and ROCE

Low levels of financial risk

High quality products and services

Operational excellence and resource efficiency

Ability to identify, execute, and integrate acquisitions

The Group’s Role

Each of our five divisions is supported by the Group Head Office which is based in Dublin, Ireland. The Group Head Office adds value primarily through:

  • providing strategic direction by setting and communicating the Group’s strategic priorities and ensuring that divisional strategies are aligned with those of the Group;
  • setting and maintaining the culture and values of the Group;
  • sharing and embedding best practice across the Group;
  • allocating resources to achieve clearly defined goals;
  • engaging with shareholders and analysts;
  • setting the risk management framework for the Group;
  • identifying and exploiting synergies and economies of scale;
  • maintaining a prudent capital structure; and
  • maintaining a relentless focus on cash generation and ROCE.